Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-Texas) suggested Sunday that greater access to guns could help prevent mass killings akin to the deadly shooting at a Connecticut school Friday.

"Once we have this actually open dialogue about the situation, Chris, you find out that ... every mass killing of more than three people in recent history has been in a place where guns were prohibited," Gohmert said in an interview on "Fox News Sunday."

He added: "They choose this place. They know no one will be armed." 

Gohmert said he wished that the principal of the school where the deadly Connecticut shooting occurred had been armed in order to defend against the shooter. Principal Dawn Hochsprung was killed in the attack after trying to stop the gunman, officials said

"I wish to god she had an M4 in her office locked up, so when she heard gunfire, she pulls it out, she takes him out," Gohmert said. 

Even as gun-control advocates called Sunday for stepping up restrictions in the wake of Friday's mass shooting, Gohmert said that he believed there as as more people have access to firearms, crime drops. 

"Every time guns have been allowed ... the crime rate has gone down," he said.

Gohmert reacted to a deadly shooting at a Colorado movie theater earlier this year by suggesting that the outcome may have been different if someone else in the theater had been carrying a gun and could have stopped the shooter.