National Rifle Association consultant Asa Hutchinson said Sunday that gun control plays no role in solving the problems of mass shootings.

Hutchinson and NRA CEO Wayne LaPierre appeared at a press conference Friday but took their first questions from the media on the Sunday morning shows.

Pressed on whether gun control measures should even be on the table, Hutchinson said on ABC's "This Week" that they wouldn't make a difference.

"Congress is going to debate this. I just think it's not part of the ultimate solution on this," said Hutchinson, a former congressman who is heading the NRA's effort to install armed guards in schools.

Hutchinson also suggested that such laws might provide a false sense of security.

"Whenever you pass those kind of laws, you think, well, 'We've done something. We've somehow made our children more safe.' So you go home," Hutchinson said. "I don't think the job is really accomplished anything if you take that approach."


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