New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg (I) told NBC's Jimmy Fallon on Thursday that more media attention needs to be paid to the nation's gun violence problem, which he argued only catches the notice of the press after mass shootings like the one in Newtown, Conn.

"There's 33 people killed in America with guns every single day of the year," Bloomberg said on "Late Night With Jimmy Fallon." "And nobody seems to care. It only catches the press's attention when it's young kids concentrated. And it was terribly tragic -- but there are kids killed every day all across this country."

Bloomberg is one of the nation's most vocal gun control advocates. After the shooting in Newtown, the mayor called on President Obama to make the issue his top priority. 

"There's just too many guns in the world and certainly in this country. And we've just got to do something about it," said Bloomberg. 

Lawmakers have fallen short when it comes to supporting existing regulations on guns, Bloomberg said. "Congress doesn't vote money to fund enforcement," said the mayor.  

Bloomberg also said he met this week with former Arizona congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, who nearly lost her life during a 2011 shooting rampage. 

Check out the clip below.