Retired Army Gen. Stanley A. McChrystal told Comedy Central's Jon Stewart Tuesday that the interplay of politics and the military is complex, and that it's often difficult to completely separate the two.

"You can never as a soldier -- particularly senior -- completely ignore politics," McChrystal told Stewart on "The Daily Show." He later added: "We need to understand that civilians and military come from a slightly different culture. The military, all professional, has a tendency to be too insular now. There is not enough [overlap]. So, you have a tendency to have different languages, different backgrounds."

The former top U.S. commander in Afghanistan said he misses the work he did in the Army. "I miss the soldiers and I miss the mission," he said.

McChrystal, who resigned in 2010 after controversial remarks in a Rolling Stone interview, has been doing media interviews this week to promote his new memoir. He also discussed gun control and the war in Afghanistan, reiterating a call he made Monday to step up gun control efforts to curb violence.

Check out the clip below. The full interview can be viewed here.