The 113th Congress is in session. But, who are they?

Lawyers, mostly. How do we know? A terrific chart from Businessweek that breaks down all of the professions of the new Congress.  There are 128 lawyers in the House and another 45 in the Senate. Somewhat remarkably, there only 55 career politicians in the House and another nine in the Senate. (The Fix would have bet the "over" on both of those numbers.)  There's also one microbiologist, one carpenter and one physicist.

In comparison to the 112th Congress, there are six less veterans in the House and six less in the Senate as well -- the latest evidence of the steady decline in those who have served in the military in Congress. (New Jersey Sen. Frank Lautenberg is the only member of the Senate who served in World War II.)

There's also one less member with a mustache -- further proving Stu Rothenberg's long-held belief that people with facial hair very rarely get elected to Congress.

The full chart is below. Click on it for a bigger view.