Less than 24 hours after President Obama unveiled his proposed legislative solutions to curb gun violence, they are being met with a lukewarm (at best) reaction on Capitol Hill.

That opposition puts even more of a burden on Obama to make good on his pledge to adopt a campaign-style approach to selling the proposals to Congress -- attempting to rally public support in hopes of pressuring Members of Congress to act.

So, where does the public stand on what Obama has proposed? At first glance, strongly in favor.  In the chart below, Capital Insight -- the Post's polling operation -- breaks down the proposals and the available survey research for each.

Obviously, not everything Obama proposed on Wednesday has polling data to accompany it. But, for things like requiring background checks for all guns bought at guns shows (88 percent) and limiting the size of ammunition clips (65 percent) there is strong support.  Even on a renewal of the assault weapons ban -- something that appears to be a very tough lift to pass through Congress -- there is strong majority support.

Those numbers suggest that Obama, at least initially, has the public on his side on gun issues. But, as we noted earlier this week, while the public may favor the gun proposals Obama has rolled out, they still don't think gun legislation should be a top priority for this Congress.


Click here to see the exact question wording and results for the Post-ABC poll.