President Obama will underscore the importance of seeking common ground in Washington and encourage the American people to engage in the political process in his second inaugural address, White House senior adviser David Plouffe said Sunday.

“He’s going to make that point very strongly – that people here in Washington need to seek common ground," Plouffe said on "Fox News Sunday."

Obama will deliver his second inaugural address on Monday.

Plouffe added that Obama's speech will include a call to ordinary Americans to have a voice in the legislative process. “He’s going to talk about how the American people – if they are not engaged in these debates in pushing Washington, progress and change won’t happen," Plouffe said.

It's helpful to think of Monday's speech and the president's upcoming State of The Union address as a "package," Plouffe said, with the former serving as a platform for a broader message and the latter drilling down on more specific policy details.

“He's going to lay out his vision for his second term and where America needs to go tomorrow, and the specific details and blueprint will be included in the State of The Union," said Plouffe.