The nation's most pressing fiscal issues would likely have been solved if Bill Clinton were president, House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) said Sunday in a swipe at President Obama

"Look, if we had [a] Clinton presidency, if we had Erskine Bowles, chief of staff of the White House or president of the United States, I think we would have fixed this fiscal mess by now. That's not the kind of presidency we're dealing with right now," Ryan said on NBC News's "Meet The Press."

Ryan also said he feels that Obama hasn't signaled a desire to compromise. "All of the statements and all of the comments lead me to believe that he's thinking more of a political conquest than political compromise," said Ryan.

The former Republican vice presidential nominee, who was spotted chatting with the former president and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton at last week's inauguration luncheon, said the three were "just kind of chumming it up."

"We were talking about personal health," Ryan said. "Both of us lost our dads when we were young and we were just talking. I got concussions when I was young and Hillary was talking about hers."

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported in October 1998 that Ryan, then making his first run for Congress, called for Clinton's resignation following the scandal surrounding the president's relationship with Monica Lewinsky.