President Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton were all warm and fuzzy Sunday night during an interview aired on "60 Minutes."

But as we've noted before, it wasn't always that way.

On "60 Minutes," Obama dismissed the tension between the two in 2008 as more of a staff-level thing. But while it's true that the staff didn't get along (and some of the clips below show that), there was no shortage of tense moments between the candidates as well.

Below, we revisit the 10 tensest moments of the 2008 campaign.

Did we miss any? The comments section awaits...

1. "Shame on you, Barack Obama"

2. "You're likable enough, Hillary"

3. "The biggest fairytale I have ever seen"

4. Obama says Bill Clinton's actions "troubling"

5. The 3 a.m. ad

6. Bill Clinton compares Obama to Jesse Jackson

7. Obama compares Hillary to George W. Bush (go to 4:50)

8. The missed handshake