Did you know:

* That more than two out of every five members of Congress are lawyers?

* That members of Congress actually live shorter lives than the rest of us?

* That members of Congress make in two months what the average American makes in one year?

* That 26 members of the House and one senator (Democrat Mark Begich of Alaska) do not have college degrees, and one (Republican Rep. Bill Young of Florida) doesn't have a high school diploma? But two-thirds have graduate or professional degrees?

(Correction: A reader points out that Republican Rep. Darrell Issa of California also does not have a high school diploma. Issa got a G.E.D. and later attained a college degree. A better way to put it is that one member of Congress has attained less than a high school diploma.)

Those are a few of the findings from this great new infographic from Measure of America.

The big takeaway? Congress is not like the rest of America.

(And we encourage everyone to check out all the great data collected by Measure of America.)