Friday marks Hillary Clinton's last day as Secretary of State. During her four years, Clinton has traveled 956,733 miles, visited 112 countries and, most amazingly, spent the equivalent of almost 87 days on an airplane. And she has danced -- a lot.

We spent the past few days asking our colleagues for their lasting memory (or memories) of Clinton at the State Department and scouring the Interwebs for pictures, videos, .gifs and anything else we could find that told the story of Clinton over these past four years.

The collection we came up with is by turns touching, funny, eyebrow-raising and just plain interesting. Hope you enjoy our picks. And, what's your favorite -- or most lasting -- Clinton memory? Put it in the comments section and we may add some to this post.

1. At a townhall event in Africa in 2009, Clinton was asked what her husband, the former President of the United States, thought of the economy. Her response? "My husband is not the Secretary of State. I am." BOOM.

2. The worry apparent on Clinton's face in the famous shot of the Situation Room during the mission to kill Osama bin-Laden reveals just how much was riding on it.

Pete Souza photo

3. Clinton traveled to Burma in December 2011 and while there she met with Aung San Suu Kyi, a political prisoner and Nobel Peace Prize winner.

AFP/Getty Images

4. Clinton's testimony regarding the deaths of four U.S. diplomats in Benghazi, Libya -- a self-admitted low point of her tenure as Secretary of State -- was must-see viewing for the political world.

Washington Post photo

5.  It wasn't all serious stuff from Clinton though. Like Texts from Hillary, which may well be the best political Tumblr of the last several years.

6. So good, in fact, it's worth two mentions.

7. Returning from a month off of work due to a concussion and a blood clot, Clinton got a football helmet to protect her head.

AP photo

8. The Secretary of State, the chief executive of Hong Kong, and a dude in a loin cloth.

9. Hillary dancing....

10. ...and dancing.....

AFP/Getty Images

11. ...and dancing.....


12. ...and, yes, dancing some more.

13. Hillary won't be the Secretary of State after today. But did President Obama endorse her candidacy for president in 2016?