President Obama is on the stump in Minnesota today in support of his gun control legislation, which faces an uncertain path to passage in Congress.

Most minds in the Senate -- like most minds in America -- are already made up when it comes to guns. According to the Sunlight Foundation, 40 Republican Senators get either an "A" or an "A+" rating from the National Rifle Association and 34 Democratic Senators get an "F".

That leaves 26 Senators who, at least in theory, are open to the idea of some sort of middle ground on guns.  Sunlight, who the Fix l-o-v-e-s, put together an infographic packed with, well, info about these 26 Senators that includes how much money they or their most recent opponent received from gun rights and gun control groups, the number of firearm businesses in their state and the year they last stood for re-election -- among other things.

Then they gave each of the 26 Senators a rating on a "gun reform index" with 10 being most likely to support gun control and 0 being least likely to. (For more on how the "gun control index" was calibrated, read this.)

The conclusion drawn by Sunlight's Lee Drutman and Alexander Furnas: "Absent a major pressure campaign to push senators to support gun control legislation, the political calculus points against the Senate passing any reform."

Here's the full infographic on each of the 26 swing Senators. Draw your own conclusions.