As regular readers of this blog know, The Fix loves music almost as much as we love politics. And we don't let any opportunities to combine the two go to waste.

So, with the Grammys coming up on Sunday, we're going to hand out our own awards for the best political songs -- with your help!

Below are three categories, with four nominees for each award. Some of the songs come from campaigns, while others are from politicians flexing their musical muscle and musicians flexing their political muscle. (For more on campaign tunes, check out The Fix's 2008 rundown of unforgettable jingles.)

Choose carefully, and be sure to check back with us on Friday, when we'll announce the winners here on The Fix. You can also vote for your choices by tweeting them with the hashtag . Happy listening!

(Fair warning: Some of these songs are pretty catchy, so you might find them getting stuck in your head.)

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