It's "unlikely" that Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) will face a tea party challenger during his reelection campaign next year, fellow Kentucky Republican Sen. Rand Paul said Sunday.

"I haven't heard any Republican challenger come forward," Paul said on CNN's "State of The Union." "I don't know but, I haven't heard of any challenger coming forward."

Polls suggest McConnell could be vulnerable. One name that has surfaced as a potential Democratic contender is actress Ashley Judd. Last week, the GOP group American Crossroads attacked Judd in Web ad that served as a warning about how Republicans would go after her if she runs.

Paul, who has signaled support for McConnell, said that the ad should not be interpreted as a sign that McConnell is in trouble or looks weak.

"Part of politics is making sure people know about who you are running against," Paul said. "Ashley Judd's a famous actress, she's an attractive woman, and presents herself well, and from what I understand, is articulate. But the thing is, she doesn't really represent Kentucky.”