Over the weekend, we asked Fix readers to offer their caption for the photo below of Dennis Rodman and George Stephanopoulos. (No, this picture is not doctored. And, yes, this really happened.)

Lorenzo Bevilaqua/ABC Television

Almost 70 of you met our challenge. We combed through all of the nominees today, and we have a winner!

Drumroll please......

"Wait. You're saying there's two Koreas?"

That gem came from "JohnnyO". If you are him, send your mailing address and a preferred book inscription (if any) to chris.cillizza@wpost.com. A signed copy of "The Gospel According to The Fix" is yours!

Honorable mention (for the pro wrestling reference alone) goes to "hchris1" for this caption: "Dennis, you aligned yourself with a state sponsor of terrorism with the most widely criticized record on human rights of all-time. After leaving the NWO, you then visited North Korea."

Thanks to everyone who participated!