Close readers of this blog -- and we assume that's everyone -- will have noticed some new names and faces popping up of late. That's because we are expanding!

Keys. To type blog posts with.

Last week, the Washington Post announced the formation of a digital politics strike force -- a group of first responders tasked with breaking and analyzing the news for the web.

This strike force will be filing news items into our sister blog Post Politics and doing analysis (and others good stuff) for The Fix.

The goal is, as always, to bring readers of The Fix and the broader Washington Post the best, fastest and most interesting takes on the always-amazing world of American politics.

You can read the bios of the strike force members (and see their pictures!) on the right rail of The Fix but here's the Cliffs Notes on who everyone is -- and what they're doing.

* Aaron Blake: The longest serving member of the Fix posse, Aaron will be turning his nose for news to Post Politics. He will continue to contribute to The Fix -- so don't miss him too much.

* Sean Sullivan: The newest deputy Fix, Sean will be stepping up his role on The Fix, doing more in-depth analytical pieces and showcasing his encyclopedic knowledge of House, Senate and governors races.

* Rachel Weiner: A one-time deputy Fix, Rachel branched off to turn Post Politics into a must-stop for political news junkies. She'll keep doing just that as well as bringing her knack for explaining complex subjects in simple terms back to the Fix.

* Juliet Eilperin: After nearly a decade of sterling environmental coverage at WaPo, Juliet will be on the White House beat for the strike force. She'll be bringing her deep knowledge of political Washington -- she was once a Roll Call reporter like Fix Original Recipe! -- to make the coverage of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue top notch on The Fix and Post Politics.

* Ed O'Keefe: After building successful blogs covering the federal government and Congress, Ed will be covering the House and Senate for the strike force. He'll also he contributing his trademark "Edsplainer" videos to The Fix.

* Scott Clement: A key member of Capital Insight, an independent polling group of Washington Post Media, Scott will be the numbers guru for the strike force -- focusing heavily on telling you what all the data means for The Fix.

We're excited for our expanding roster of bloggers. This blog is -- and always will be -- a shared labor of love between us and all of you political junkies out there.  Thanks for being part of our community.