Remember The Fix's best state political blogs list? Of course you do.

After spending weeks compiling the best of the best in the states, we wanted to find a way to make sure we integrated it into the Fix in a way that regular readers could see some of the great content these blogs are putting out.

In most every Fix post -- starting this morning -- you'll now see a set of three of the freshest stories from our list of state political blogs. (It's about halfway down the posts on the left side.)

A caveat: As we said when we built this list, we do not endorse the opinions expressed by these blogs. Many of them are partisan -- on both sides -- and where appropriate we have noted their ideological leanings for you.

Our goal on The Fix is to be the hub for political junkies who want the best -- and latest -- news and analysis on state and national political news. We hope this new addition helps us move toward that goal.

Are you a blog owner on the state political blogs list? Contact us to update your information: