The Supreme Court has been much in the news this week as the highest court in the land heard oral arguments on two high-profile gay marriage cases.

We've written and talked plenty about what the Court said -- and what it all might mean -- but we couldn't close out the week without showing our favorite Supreme Court chart ever.

It comes from Pew Research Center and is the result of a question that asked people to name the Chief Justice of the United States from a handful of options. The responses will shock and amaze you.

Here's the chart:

Less than three in ten people were able to name John Roberts as the current Chief Justice.  More than half didn't know who it was -- and they, actually, come out looking great for not knowing.  That's because nearly one in five people named Thurgood Marshall (deceased AND never Chief Justice) while four percent chose Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid who is, of course, not on the Supreme Court.

Ah, America.