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Where pot is legal — in 1 map

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In the wake of new Pew poll numbers that show a majority of Americans now favor the legalization of marijuana, we wondered where the states stood on pot.

Enter Pew -- again!  The map below lays out the various laws governing the use of marijuana in the states.  It's fully legal in only two: Washington State and Colorado --  both of which approved the recreational use of pot in ballot measures last November. (Marijuana is either legal for medicinal purposes, decriminalized or both in 24 states.)

Of course, using marijuana is still illegal under federal law. And the Obama Administration is showing no signs of easing that opposition.

"The Obama Administration has consistently reiterated its firm opposition to any
form of drug legalization," reads a memo on the Office of National Drug Control Policy's website.  "Proposals such as legalization that would promote marijuana use are inconsistent with this public health and safety approach."