To honor the legendary movie critic Roger Ebert, who died Thursday at 70, we thought we would re-publish our reader-generated list of the best political movies of all time. It's below. We'd love to revise and extend this list so if you have additions put them in the comments section. This post originally ran in March 2010.

Following our list of the best political books -- fiction and non fiction -- there was a demand from Fixistas to put together a similar list of the best political movies.

We asked for your suggestions -- and you, as always, responded.

Tim Robbins as "Bob Roberts".

The two leading vote-getters were "The Candidate", the 1972 film starring Robert Redford and 1992's "Bob Roberts" with Tim Robbins in the lead role. (We are partial to the latter film due to all of the hilarious Bob Dylan's references contained therein.)

Among documentaries "Street Fight", which detailed the epic 2002 Newark mayoral race between Sharpe James and Cory Booker was the clear favorite.

The full list, which was culled from emails, tweets and comments from the Fix community, is below. What did we miss? Add any missing movies in the comments section below.