In our analysis of whether former Rep. Anthony Weiner would have a real chance at being elected mayor of New York City this fall -- roughly two years after resigning from office amid a Twitter scandal -- one well connected Democrat suggested that perhaps his biggest hurdle would be the city's tabloid newspapers.

That proved to be a prescient point. Look no further than the front page of today's New York Post. Regardless of whether you think these sorts of headlines are below the belt (ahem), the reality is that there are many more where this came from if Weiner ultimately decides to run.

The question for Weiner is whether this is the sort of treatment he (and his family) can endure every day (or close to it) between now and November.  And the question for voters is whether they can put aside Weiner's past transgressions if they are being reminded of it daily on the front pages of New York's tabloids.

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