Happy Tax Day!

April 15 is here!

Of course, April 15 isn't all that happy a day for most Americans -- many of whom have put off filling out their income tax returns until the last possible minute.

If that's you, then you are undoubtedly looking for more ways to procrastinate rather than actually filling out your return. (You still have hours before it's due!) Problem solved! Check out the charts below regarding how the American public feels about taxes; some of the conclusions may well shock you (they did us).

1. A majority of people (55 percent) believe their own income taxes are "fair" but it's a significantly smaller group of people (64 percent) than who said the same just a decade ago

2.  Most people believe their taxes are too high -- no surprise there. But, 45 percent of those sample by Gallup said their tax burden was "about right", a response that has increased steadily over the last few decades.  Two percent of people think their taxes are "too low." Um, what?

3. So, who likes taxes?  Democrats are most favorable about the federal income tax system while more than six in ten Republicans and Independents have an unfavorable view of it.

4. There are, oddly, people don't just like but "love" -- yes, love -- doing their taxes.  Five percent of people, according to Pew.

5. Who are these people who love doing taxes you ask? Well, Pew followed up with them and got them to explain themselves. (They also have some explanations from the hordes who don't like doing their taxes.)