Fix rule of politics: It's never a good thing for your campaign when you take out a full-page ad in a local paper explaining why you trespassed on your ex-wife's property. Like, ever.

But, that's exactly what former South Carolina governor Mark Sanford did over the weekend in the Charleston Post and Courier. (Thanks to NBC's Ali Weinberg for first surfacing the ad.)

Sanford, who until the allegations of trespassing hit last week was expected to win the May 7 special election primary for the 1st congressional district seat he held from 1996 until 2002, is clearly reeling and trying to put an end to the questions raised by his behavior.

What better way to solve that problem than a 1,200-plus word paid ad that not only rehashes -- in painstaking detail -- Sanford's decision to go to his wife's home when she was out of town to watch the Superbowl with one of his sons but also includes phrases like "I have faults and they are well chronicled"?

Not good -- and a sign of the desperation that seems to be gripping Sanford in the wake of the trespassing revelations. The full ad is below.

Mark Sanford's op-ed in the classified section of the Charleston Post and Courier.