Almost four years ago, we put together a list -- with your help -- of the best political reporter(s) in each of the 50 states.

Four years, however, is a long time in politics -- and political reporting -- and in the time since we first made our list, many of the journalists on it have a) left the business (booo!) b) moved on to new media organizations or c) passed away. (We lost one of the greats -- South Carolina AP reporter Jim Davenport -- in late 2012.)

So, it's time to update our list.  And, to do that, we need your help. What we are looking for is simple: We need the best political reporter -- or reporters -- in your home state, adopted home state or simply a state where you have a good sense of the political landscape.

We are agnostic about whether the best reporter is a TV person, a print person, a blogger or some hybrid of all of those things. The only thing we care about is that this person is THE go-to guy or gal in a state when it comes to political reporting and analysis.

You can offer your nominees in the comments section below (and if you can provide their Twitter handle -- if they have one -- that would be great too).  You can also tweet nominees using the hashtag #fixreporters on Twitter. We'll gather them and when we have at least one person from each state, we will post them.

Get to it!