For a political junkie like the Fix, Thursday's dedication of the George W. Bush presidential library in Dallas was something to see.

The five living presidents -- including a father and son! -- and five of the six living first ladies (Nancy Reagan was unable to attend) all in once place isn't the sort of thing you see every day.

We watched every second of the coverage but for those of you who can't sit in front of a television for two hours during the workday, we thought we'd bring you some of the lasting images from the event. Our eight favorites are below.

1. Five presidents and five first ladies.


2. The President and the man he replaced.

AP photo

3. 41 and 43.

AFP/Getty photo

4. 41's famously bright socks.

AP photo

5. Barbara Bush is funny.

AP photo.

 6. Colin Powell is cool.

AFP/Getty photo.

 7. So is Troy Aikman.

AP photo

8. But no one is as cool as Dikembe Mutumbo

AFP/Getty photo