These two things are true of the Fix.

2. We are big fans of Yahoo's Chris Wilson and his great interactive charts.

So, when both of those things combine, it's a major win in Fixworld. In the graphic below, Wilson shows how the current Congress is rapidly losing years of experience.

He writes:

"The flight of the old-timers is neatly captured by a pair of simple statistics: When the 110th Congress convened on Jan. 3, 2007,the 100 senators had a combined 1,328 years of experience in the United States Senate. When the 113th Congress convened last January, that figure had fallen to 1,040.....the 114th session of the Senate will have fewer than 1,000 combined years of incumbency for the first time since 1985."

The graphic allows you to sort by chamber and by Congress -- including each individual member's length of service(!). Prepare to lose a few hours to this amazing interactive.