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Delaware legalizes gay marriage: Delaware became the 11th state to legalize gay marriage after a bill passed the Senate on a 12 to 9 margin. Gov. Jack Markell (D) signed the measure Tuesday.

Rubio pushes back on Heritage immigration study: Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) became the latest Republican to push back against a Heritage Foundation study concluding that proposed bipartisan immigration reform would mean high costs to taxpayers. "Their argument is based on a single premise, which I think is flawed," Rubio told reporters a day after keeping silent about the study.

Barrow won't run for Senate: Rep. John Barrow (D-Ga.) will not run for the Senate in 2014. He would have been Democrats' best chance in the race. Now, the focus on the Democratic side will shift to Michelle Nunn's potential candidacy.

Illinois GOP head resigns: Illinois Republican Party Chairman Patrick Brady resigned amid opposition from conservatives over his support for gay marriage.

Restart of gun debate won't happen soon: Senate Democrats would like to talk about gun control again, but acknowledged that it probably won't happen soon. And two Republican senators who voted against a bipartisan background check amendment said that any new agreement would have to be very different than the one that failed.

Obama Style: "My daughters have taught me a pretty good Gangnam style," President Obama said after his meeting with South Korean President Park Geun-hey.

Schauer for governor? The Democratic Governors Association is prodding former congressman Mark Schauer (D) toward a challenge against Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder (R).

Good news for Corbett: Montgomery County Commissioner Bruce Castor (R) says he will not primary Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Corbett (R).

Cuomo signs former Obama hand: New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) has brought Robert Diamond to his team. Diamond was the director of Obama’s New York campaign in 2012. He will become the downstate director of intergovernmental affairs for Cuomo.

Honour roll: Minnesota gubernatorial candidate Scott Honour (R) has brought on former state GOP chair Pat Shortridge to run his campaign. Scott Howell & Co. will do his ads, and Linda DiVall will take care of polling.


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