The Fix is a huge fan of ESPN's "30 for 30" documentary series -- a Bill Simmons brainchild! The series mines obscure (and not that obscure) sports moments and  sports figures from the past 30 years and gives them the documentary treatment. (If you don't watch them, you should.)

Why not do the same for politics? Answer: There's no reason not to.

A movie reel.

Step one in this process is to think of worthy political moments/political people over the past three decades that would make for a good digital short film. That's where you come in.

We've spent a few hours brainstorming the sorts of stories we would want to tell.  A few examples:

* The 2000 Missouri Senate race that elected a dead man.

* Hillary vs Rudy. The race of the century -- that wasn't.

* Dean Barkley: The 61-day Senator.

We need more ideas!  The only criteria: That it happened sometime after 1980, it's interesting AND undertold/underappreciated. Offer your nominations in the comments section.

The goal?  To get a name (natch!) and actually produce some of these -- whether it's through the Post's new web TV venture, a Kickstarter or some other way.  Advice on how best to do that is welcome in the comments section too!