President Obama's privately expressed desire to "go Bulworth" -- in honor of the character played by actor Warren Beatty in the film of the same name -- gave us the perfect opportunity to re-post one of our favorite Fix lists: The best political movies ever.

Warren Beatty as "Bulworth"

Our list is gathered from recommendations made by Fix readers over the past several years. It includes documentaries -- Sidebar: why isn't there a "30 for 30" like series of docs for politics? -- movies based on books and just plain movies.


The Fix’s best political movies
"Absolute Power"
"Advise and Consent"
"All the King’s Men"
"All the President’s Men"
"The American President"
"Being There"
"The Best Man"
"Bob Roberts"
"Boogie Man: The Lee Atwater Story"
"The Candidate"
"Charlie Wilson’s War"
"City of Hope"
The Contender"
"The Distinguished Gentleman"
"Dr. Strangelove"
"Duck Soup"
"A Face in the Crowd"
"Game Change"
"The Great McGinty"
"The Ides of March"
"In the Loop"
"Journeys with George"
"The Last Hurrah"
"The Man who Shot Liberty Valance"
"The Manchurian Candidate"
"Meet John Doe"
"Mr. Smith Goes To Washington"
"My Fellow Americans"
"O Brother, Where Art Thou"
"Our Brand Is Crisis"
"A Perfect Candidate"
"Primary Colors"
"Secret Honor"
"The Seduction of Joe Tynan"
"Seven Days in May"
"State of the Union"
"Street Fight"
"Taking on the Kennedys"
"Thirteen Days"
"Thank You for Smoking"
"True Colors"
"Vote for Me"
"Wag the Dog"
"The War Room"

And here's a scene from "Bulworth" that Obama will never emulate.