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Greetings from Asbury Park: Barack Obama and Chris Christie — in 8 pictures

President Obama and Chris Christie stood side by side today for the first time since last fall when the New Jersey governor warmly welcomed the sitting incumbent in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy and during the heat of the fall campaign, a visit some Republicans believe cost them a chance at the White House.

Then and now, Christie insisted that he was simply doing his job as the governor of a state in a time of crisis. And, there's little empirical evidence to suggest that Mitt Romney lost because Chris Christie praised President Obama or allowed the Democratic incumbent to pat him on the arm.

But, from that moment a million memes were born and a single storyline emerged: That Christie was insufficiently loyal to the conservative cause. He wasn't invited to CPAC, an annual gathering of conservatives. Comedian Conan O'Brien joked about Christie's GOP credentials at the White House Correspondents Dinner. You get the idea.

Given everything that has spawned from Obama's visit to New Jersey last fall, all parties were undoubtedly acutely aware of the visuals coming out of the return engagement today.

So, we thought the best way to tell the story of Christie and Obama, part 2, was through some of the images the photographers on the ground captured.  Our eight favorites are below.

1. Hail fellow, well met.

2. Jocular

3. Serious

4. Appreciative?

5. The bear series, part I

6. The bear series, part II

7. The bear series, part III

8. The current and future president?