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Did you miss Joe Biden’s eulogy for Frank Lautenberg? You shouldn’t have.

As is befitting for a man known for his sense of humor, Frank Lautenberg's funeral was full of funny moments. But Vice President Biden outdid other speakers with a humorous tribute. Yes, he also praised the New Jersey senator's passion, his tenacity, and his commitment to helping people and to fighting injustice. But here are his best punchlines:

* Taking the stage toward the end of a two-and-half-hour service, after Hillary Rodham Clinton, Sen. Robert Menendez (D-N.J.) and Lautenberg's family members had already spoken: "If there's a definition of redundant, I'm it."

* “And by the way, Danielle, I knew Strom Thurmond so well, literally, I was asked to do his eulogy. I did his eulogy. This is a lot easier."

* When Lautenberg asked him whether he should run again: “I said, of course you should run again. I think even Christie will vote for ya.”

* "By the way... I'm representing the pope. ... Frank’s been calling me the only Catholic Jew he knew."

* On the fact that Lautenberg has name all over a train station, while Biden doesn't: “I saved Amtrak three times before he was elected. I don’t know how the hell this happened. That’s mostly true.” (Biden does have a train station, but it is generally referred to as Wilmington Station.)

* “My wife says I’m the most obnoxious grandfather in the world. No. Wrong. Frank was the most obnoxious.”

* "Never explain and never complain. Well, he complained a lot."

* Of course, Biden is known for giving a great eulogy -- here he is honoring the late senator Daniel Inouye (D-Hawaii). Which brings us to our last line:

* "Never make a good eulogy. You'll be asked again and again and again."