Let's stipulate this: We -- and by that I mean me -- have a tendency to over-analyze Hillary Clinton's every move. Heck, we analyze her non-moves. Or when she thinks about moving.

So, it's not terribly surprising that Clinton's first official tweet on Monday became a GIANT -- and, no, our caps lock button wasn't accidentally on -- national story. (If you want to read a great piece on it, check out Phil Rucker's story.)

The natural tendency for most people when hearing the story is to roll their eyes. She's on Twitter? Big whoop!

And, we get that. But, there is a reason why Clinton tweeting -- she had almost 370,000 followers as of this writing -- matters.

Here's why. Clinton is well aware of the fact that everything she does (or doesn't do) will cause ripples -- make that waves -- in the political seas. This is a family that has been in the national political spotlight for more than two decades and who has been in politics at some level for four decades. They don't do anything without considering the political calculus. And so, you can be assured that deciding to tweet was not a decision made lightly -- or without political intent.

That intent? To keep Clinton in the conversation and to make clear to donors, other potential candidates and the media that she has closed no doors when it comes to her political future. (In case you missed that message, the last line of Clinton's Twitter bio is "TBD").

The same line of thinking explains Clinton allowing the likes of Harold Ickes, a longtime adviser to her and her husband, to join a super PAC already organizing for her 2016 presidential bid. (If you think Ickes would have joined "Ready for Hillary" without an OK from the former secretary of state, you don't understand how Clintonworld works.)

None of this -- not Ickes, not the Twitter account -- means that Clinton has made her mind up to run. She hasn't. And, because she is such a heavy favorite to be the Democratic nominee if she does runs, she can take her time in deciding whether another presidential bid is the right next move for her.

But, what these occasional blips do mean is that Clinton is still actively thinking about what's next. And that thinking includes the possibility of running for president.