In case you spent the week under a pile of coats -- and we have nothing against that -- you've probably heard that the Washington Post is putting a metered subscription model (aka a paywall) into place starting today.

The Wall -- in peeps.

This has been in the works for a while now -- you may have noticed that the newspaper business hasn't exactly been raking in the cash of late -- and so it's not a big surprise.

But, it will, of course, have implications for our Fix community.  The Fix-- like all other content (other than Post TV ) on the site -- will fall behind the paywall.  That means that you can read up to 20 pieces -- presumably all of them will be Fix posts! -- before you hit the wall. (If you are a Post print subscriber, you will get access at no additional cost.)

After the wall, you have three options:

1) Pay $9.99/month for unlimited access on your desktop and mobile device.

2) Pay $14.99/month for unlimited access on your desktop and mobile device AND all of our apps.

3) Write a one-time only check for $1 million made out to "Chris Cillizza, Esquire".

Ok, that last one isn't true.  But, feel free to do it anyway.

Here's the bottom line: There is nothing as important to us than the sense of community that has grown up around the Fix since we started it way back in late 2005. It's what gets us out of bed in the morning: the sure knowledge that there are people out there who are as passionate about politics as we are.

We hope you feel that way too. And we hope that we have been providing for you over these past eight years and that we will continue to provide for you going forward is worth at least $9.99.

To put that cost in perspective:

* You'd pay $10.25 if you wanted to go see "The Purge" in Georgetown today.

* The cheapest AT+T monthly plan for your cell phone costs $39.99. (And you only get 450 minutes!)

* It costs $44.99 to order World Wrestling Entertainment's "Payback" pay per view. (Only four days left to order!)

We thank you for your support over these past eight years. We hope we have earned -- or will earn -- your (financial) support in the days to come.