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Supreme Court yet to announce gay marriage decisions: The Supreme Court didn't rule on gay marriage or the Voting Rights Act, but it did weigh in on a closely watched affirmative action case, sending the matter back to a lower court. The high court also said it would decide next term whether President Obama exceeded his constitutional authority when he made recess appointments. The court will issue more decisions Tuesday. Here's a thorough recap of everything the court ruled on today.

Werfel provides IRS update: IRS principal deputy commissioner Daniel Werfel announced that all senior agency officials involved in the targeting of conservative groups have vacated their positions and that the IRS would make it much easier for these groups to be cleared for tax-exempt status.

White House slams China over Snowden: White House press secretary Jay Carney strongly condemned Hong Kong's decision to allow Edward Snowden to leave the country Sunday. "The Chinese have emphasized the importance of building mutual trust, and we think that they have dealt that effort a serious setback,” he said. Obama later responded to a question about whether he had spoken with Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, saying: "We are following the appropriate legal channels and working with various countries to make sure that all the rules are followed.”

Christie opponent "frustrated" with Clinton exchange: New Jersey Democratic gubernatorial nominee Barbara Buono expressed disappointment in the way New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie's recent appearance with Bill Clinton in Chicago went. "What frustrated me was that President Clinton didn't call him out for being a climate change denier," Buono told CNN. Christie recently said there wasn't any proof climate change caused Hurricane Sandy. When asked about Christie's position on climate change, the governor's spokesman pointed CNN to a 2011 appearance in which Christie mentioned "undeniable data" about rising carbon dioxide levels and remarked that "climate change is real and it's impacting our state."

Haley nay not run again: South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley (R) left the door open to stepping down after a single term. “If we look and it’s too much on the family, I could absolutely see (not running again)," she told the Florence Morning News.

Leahy offers surveillance bill: Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Patrick Leahy (D-Vt.) introduced a bill dubbed the "FISA Accountability and Privacy Protection Act," which would add oversight and protect against abuse of the government's surveillance efforts.

Santorum's new gig: Rick Santorum has a new job. He's the CEO of EchoLight Studios, a Christian movie studio.


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