Ever since we have started hosting a monthly trivia night two years ago (or so), people who don't live in and around D.C. -- or aren't willing, for some reason, to drive from the West Coast -- have asked if we can let them participate in real time.

We're still working on that -- Skype has some potential -- but in the meantime, we have carefully re-created all of the political questions we asked in the July edition of "Politics and Pints" last night into an online quiz below. (The quiz was created by current WaPo intern and future multimedia journalism star Ruth Tam.)

This quiz is comprised of 2 rounds. Each round is 10 questions each; the first focuses on presidential trivia and the second House, Senate and governors' trivia.

Want to come to "Politics and Pints" in the future?  Just email chris.cillizza@washpost.com and we'll add you to our early alert email list.