After forgetting the state of New Hampshire in a graphic used on NBC's Nightly News last week, Brian Williams offered a mea culpa to the Granite State in last night's broadcast. And it was awesome.

Here's a few other things that our many trips to New Hampshire have made us love about the state:

* The chicken tenders at the Puritan Backroom. (We wrote an ode to the tenders in "The Gospel According to the Fix".)

* There is NO state with better 1980s rock music on the radio. During one trip to New Hampshire a few years back, we heard "Every Rose has its Thorn" by Poison three times in a three day visit. (And, yes,"Every Rose" is the best power ballad of that era. Not close.)

* The Balsams.

* There's a Dunkin' Donuts as soon as you get off the plane in the Manchester airport, which, not for nothing, has free wifi.

Want more reasons to love New Hampshire? We made our own top 10 list way back in January 2008.