Featuring Rep. Joaquin Castro, San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro and state Sen. Wendy Davis, it served as a reminder -- to us at least -- that the Democratic political bench in Texas is quite strong.  To be clear: None of this trio of Texas Democrats will likely be running statewide in 2014 (or maybe even in 2016 or 2018). But, they do offer the party some real hope as it looks to the future.

The strength of a state party's bench -- the younger candidates in state legislatures, mayor's office or other lower-level elected offices -- is a leading indicator of down-the-line success. A party with a strong bench in a state are like an NBA team with lots of young talent; they may not be all that good yet but everyone knows they likely will be at some point. (Perfect example: The Golden State Warriors in the run-up to this past season.)

The Fix loves NOTHING more than searching for the next big political talents currently toiling out of the national spotlight. So, with Texas as an example of a state with a strong Democratic bench, we want to hear from the members of the Fixworld as to what other states have a really strong crop of young talent -- either Republican or Democratic.

In the comments section below, nominate the state (and a handful of its young stars). We'll aggregate all of the nominations in a Fix post either later this week or early next week. You can also tweet your picks with the hashtag #politicalbench.

Get to it!