Weiner, who is currently running to be the mayor of New York City, admitted to sending lewd pictures to random women even after that behavior had cost him his House seat. Despite that revelation, Weiner refused to drop out of the race as both he and his wife, former Hillary Clinton senior aide Huma Abedin, insisted that the past was behind them (in the words of Pumbaa the wart hog).

There were smiles. There was genuine sadness -- particularly from Huma. There was pathos -- particularly from Weiner. There was stridency. And there was that random dude who kept popping up behind a cubicle.  It was political theater of the highest (or lowest) sort.

And so, the best way we could think of to tell the story of the press conference was through photos. Our 8 favorite photos are below. Enjoy -- if that's even possible.

1. Anthony, chagrined.

2. Anthony, reflective.

3. Anthony, alone.

4. Anthony, alone and sad.

5. On the more heart-wrenching and poignant side, Huma.

6. And Huma, again.

7. A happy moment, finally.

8. Cubicle guy. Always winning.

.Gif courtesy of BuzzFeed