Next week, PostTV is launching "On Background," and I'm delighted to be hosting it! We want to tap into what people are talking about and advance the conversation during the show and beyond. The show name refers to a phrase print journalists use with sources--often the information given "on background" is where the real story is. That's what we want to bring viewers every day. Here's my take on the drama coming out of New York City this week.

Huma Abedin ripped up the usual stand-by-your-man playbook and spoke out in a defiant defense of her husband, New York City mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner, during his Tuesday news conference to address the latest revelations about lewd online behavior.

The NYC tabloids will have their say about the whole ordeal and the voters will too.

Abedin, a powerhouse in her own right, is hoping that voters will trust her assessment that Weiner is a changed man. That's a difficult sell:

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