The news that Illinois state Rep. Mike Bost (R) is running for Congress against freshman Rep. Bill Enyart (D-Ill.) will escape most people's notice.

It shouldn't.

Bost, as devoted Fix readers will remember, is responsible for one of the greatest political rants in modern American history. So good was it that it earned the No. 4 spot on our countdown last year — just below the "Dean Scream" and Phil Davison.

Rather than describe it, though, we thought you should all just have a look (and keep in mind that this is quite a winnable seat for Republicans, so this might actually be coming to Washington):

Update 1:24 p.m.: The rant above wasn't the only time Bost has gotten steamed while on the floor of the chamber.

Here's another example from this year:

Update 1:41 p.m.: And, just like that, Enyart's campaign is up with it's own greatest hits of Bost's rants.

The video makes the case that Bost's style isn't exactly what Washington needs more of.