UPDATE 4:30 pm: The White House released a photo of the Clinton-Obama lunch. It's below.

While the lunch is closed press and neither is likely to say much, if anything at all, about what was discussed, the two have a fascinating history together.

In searching the Internet -- it's a series of tubes -- for a post we wrote on how Hillary may be the natural heir to Obama's political operation this morning, we came across a bunch of fascinating photos that tell the story of Barack and Hillary better than any words could.

Our seven favorites are below.

1. Things didn't get off on the best foot when they faced off in 2008.

2. Like, really not on the best foot.

3. When that race ended, they pledged unity in Unity, New Hampshire. Get it?

4. Once in office, things got better. They were part of the single most iconic photo of the Obama years, for example.

5. And Clinton was at Obama's side when he condemned the attack at the American consulate in Benghazi, Libya.

6. Heck, they're old pals by now!

7. Laughing! Outside!

8. Also, this happened.