The big day is finally here!

After months of preparation, practice and general strategerizing, "In Play", the new show on Post TV that aims to bring you the politics of politics, launches today!

"In Play" is here!

The show is co-hosted by yours truly and Jackie Kucinich. The goals of the show: 1) Make politics accessible and interesting -- whether you live in Washington (the city) or Washington (the state). 2) Bring smart takes and reporting on the big (and  the less-covered) political stories of the day 3) Have fun.

You can check out all of the clips from the show each day on the "In Play" site. They should make it online by mid to late afternoon. You can also follow the show on Twitter using the #inplay hashtag. We'll be posting a handful of "In Play" clips on The Fix each day too.

The show -- like this blog -- is a work in progress so if you have thoughts on how to make it better, send them to