Remember that couple in high school that kept breaking up and saying awful things about each other but then getting back together anyway? That's President Obama and Sen. John McCain.

Obama cemented the latest reunion between the two this week when he remarked on their "bromance" during an appearance on "The Tonight Show."

McCain and Obama on the campaign trail in September 2008. (Getty Images)

Sure, Obama and McCain are buddies now. But how long will it last this time?

After all, their cooperation has been riddled with stops and starts, depending on external factors (i.e. their 2008 race, McCain's 2010 primary and Obama's 2012 reelection) and the issues of the day (Benghazi, etc.).

To illustrate this point, we combed through the various stories written about their relationship over the past few years — since the tail-end of the 2008 campaign.

Below are some select headlines that we think illustrate this forbidden bromance:

October 2008: "Obama Accuses McCain of 'Willful Ignorance' on the Economy" — ABC News

January 2009: "Obama praises McCain, calls for bipartisan cooperation" — CNN

March 2009: "Angry McCain slams Obama" — Politico

April 2009: "Obama, McCain Relationship Back On" — Huffington Post

April 2010: "McCain 'never considered myself a maverick' " — Politico

February 2011: "The long (and rocky) relationship of Barack Obama and John McCain" — The Fix

June 2012: "Obama snubbed me, says McCain" — The Hill

October 2012: "McCain says Obama’s Libya handling either a ‘massive coverup’ or gross incompetence" — The Washington Post

November 2012: "Fight Over Rice Exposes Tensions Between Obama and McCain" — New York Times

May 2013: "Why John McCain Is Barack Obama’s New Best Friend" — National Journal

August 2013: "Obama says McCain ‘bromance’ straight out of a romantic comedy" — The Hill

August 2013: "McCain clout helps bridge partisan gap" — Arizona Republic