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Joe Biden’s top Scranton moments

America's happy warrior comes home today.

Set to appear at Lackawanna College in Scranton, Pennsylvania, Vice President Joe Biden will join President Obama on the last stop of his two-day bus tour through New York and Pennsylvania.

The Vice President has often recounted his first ten years of his life in Scranton sending hometown shout-outs from national podiums. While some say his constant mention of Scranton is mostly political (given Pennsylvania's swing state nature), Biden seems to relish the rough-and-tumble, folksy, working class vibe that Scranton represents for him.

There may be no place the vice president would rather be than his home town of Scranton, Pa.

Here are the Veep's top three Scranton moments:

3. Saved treasured baseball cards from trash

In 2011, Biden visited families whose homes were damaged by flooding. When he visited the home of Gertrude Yachna, 79, and her sister Johanna, 75, he spotted boxes and albums of Topps baseball cards on the sidewalk as trash.

"Don't throw them out, they're worth money," Biden said. "All kidding aside," he said later, "These are worth more money than you can possibly imagine."

In the end, the Yachna sisters kept the cards.

2. Green Ridge Little League Field Visit in the Green Ridge area of Scranton

Meeting with the Green Ridge All-Star team in 2012, Biden signed baseballs and taught them a little bit of local history.

“I’m so old I played the first game ever played on this field,” he said, though he later admitted to being benched for that game. “I didn’t actually play, but I was still here.”

1. 2008 Democratic Convention Acceptance Speech

Before he was ever Vice President, Biden gave a poignant address at the Democratic Convention when he first accepted his party's nomination. Sending love out to his family, his mother in particular who was in the audience, he emphasized his Scranton roots multiple times.

And, though this isn't the real Joe Biden, one of the best Scranton moments exists in this pitch-perfect SNL opening starring Jason Sudeikis as Biden and Taran Killam as Paul Ryan: