President Obama's announcement Saturday that he will ask Congress to authorize the use of force in Syria sets the stage for a contentious and uncertain set of votes.

Already, scores of members of both parties have expressed skepticism about the administration's cause for intervening in that country's civil war, despite intelligence reports that say the Syrian regime used chemical weapons on its own people.

As the debate unfolds over the next week-plus, The Fix will be keeping a close eye on the vote count and whether Congress will sign off on the so-called "use of force" resolution.

Below are our whip counts for both the House and Senate, based on public statements made by each member. The graphic includes all 100 senators and will include all House members once they weigh in publicly.

The resolution would fail if 217 (out of 433) House members vote against it or if 41 senators join to filibuster against it.

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(And click here for the full version, which was put together by Darla Cameron and Kennedy Elliott of the Post's great graphics team.)

Originally posted Sept. 2 at 3:06 p.m. This post has been updated.