Voters are voting!

In New York City and Colorado today, voters head to the polls to pick mayoral candidates and decide whether two Democratic state Senators should be recalled due, in large part, to their support for gun control measures.

Anytime American democracy is at work, another great American tradition is also happening on the Fix:  guessing election outcomes.

Here's what we want from you:

1) Predict the top two vote getters -- with percentages -- in the New York City Mayoral Democratic primary.

2) Predict whether one, both or neither of the Colorado state Senators gets recalled. And name names as to who you think makes it through and who doesn't.

3) As a tiebreaker, tell us what percentage of the vote former Rep. Anthony Weiner will get in the Democratic primary in New York City.

All predictions must be made in the comments section below before 9 pm eastern time when polls close in New York City and Colorado.  And, to qualify to win, you MUST make a prediction on all three questions.

The winner gets their choice -- either a "Politics and Pints" pint glass (warning, a image of my head is on the glass) or a signed copy of "The Gospel According to The Fix", a book that someone once called "not as bad as I thought it would be."