For seven awkward minutes, MSNBC's Lawrence O'Donnell and former congressman Anthony Weiner (D) sparred Monday in a contentious exchange which kicked off with O'Donnell asking Weiner: "What is wrong with you?"

Weiner, who seemed to be caught by surprise, replied, "I don't understand. What is wrong with me that I care so much about the issues that I fight for every day, that I have for my entire career?"

"No," responded O'Donnell, a former Democratic congressional aide and host of "The Last Word." "What I mean is this: What is wrong with you that you cannot seem to imagine a life without elective office?"

"That's ridiculous," Weiner replied.

And that was just the beginning.

For the next several minutes, the two went back and forth, with O'Donnell assailing Weiner, who resigned from office in 2011 amid revelations of lewd online interactions with women, and Weiner pushing back.

"Lawrence, do me a favor, do me a favor. I just need like a hand signal when the harangue is done," Weiner said at one point. At another he told O'Donnell to "chillax" and "dial it down."

O'Donnell repeated throughout the interview that he believes there is something "wrong" with Weiner. He said he wanted to know what drives the former congressman, at a "a psychiatric level."

"Dude, I don't really need your psychiatric questions," Weiner said. "You want to ask me a question? Do an interview here."

Voters head to the polls today in New York City, where Weiner is a candidate for mayor. He hasn't stood a serious chance of winning the Democratic nomination for weeks, ever since he acknowledged engaging in previously undisclosed lewd online conduct after leaving office. He has been polling well behind the pack, according to recent surveys, and isn't expected to win more than a single-digit percentage of the vote.