Former New York Rep. Anthony Weiner's attempt at political resurrection ended with a whimper -- or, more accurately, a finger -- on Tuesday when he won just 5 percent in the Democratic primary for New York City mayor.

Weiner's fifth-place finish -- and the car-accident-in-motion sort of campaign he ran -- virtually ensures that he won't be back on the political scene anytime soon. But before Weiner disappears completely (Radiohead reference!), it's worth re-living the campaign that was. To do that, we scoured hundreds of images in search of a handful that captured the absurdity, pathos and just plain strangeness of the campaign. We settled on eight. They're below.

1. After an initial surge in polling, Weiner held a press conference acknowledging more sexting.

Reuters/Eric Thayer

2.  Weiner's wife, Huma Abedin, spoke out on her husband's behalf.

EPA/Andrew Kelly

3. It didn't work. Weiner's poll numbers tanked. Then things started to get weird....

Getty Images/Michael Loccisano

4. ...and then they got weirder. Way weirder.

AP/Tina Fineberg

5. Weiner's mother stayed loyal to her son.

Getty Images/Michael Nagle

6.  And the candidate continued to campaign relentlessly.

EPA/Justin Lane

7. But, as the race wound down, Weiner came unraveled.

AP/Shimon Gifter

8. And before you knew it, it was all over.

AP/Jin Lee