There are lots and lots of ways to map political Washington. But, this map by the Sunlight Foundation detailing five years of political fundraising events in the nation's capital is among the most telling.

Here's the map:

Image courtesy of The Sunlight Foundation.

And here's the key that explains the various colors on the map:

Screen Shot 2013-09-16 at 4.25.53 PM

Just in case you thought that politics and lawmaking are two entirely separate things -- and we are sure there are a few of you out there -- the above map should cure you of that belief.

More than three-quarters of all political fundraising done in D.C. over the past five years was done within three blocks of the U.S. Capitol building. "These fundraisers are concentrated in and around congressional working hours and on days when the House and Senate are in session," according to the Sunlight analysis of the numbers.

Read the full analysis here.