Chelsea Clinton made her debut on Comedy Central's "The Daily Show" Thursday night, where she recalled learning about politics at a young age by helping her father, President Bill Clinton, prepare for a debate when he was running for reelection as governor of Arkansas.

"One of my most formative memories was during the 1986 gubernatorial election in Arkansas, which was a really nasty election," recalled Chelsea Clinton, who said she would spend evenings and weekends with her father and mother (former secretary of state Hillary Clinton) helping Bill Clinton prepare for debates by playing various roles.

"I would have to pretend to be my father's opponent and argue positions against him," Clinton said.

"How old were you?" asked host Jon Stewart.

"I was six," she replied.

Clinton, who is the vice chairwoman of the newly rechristened Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton Foundation, told Stewart she will be moderating a panel on noncommunicable diseases next week at the Clinton Global Initiative's annual meeting. She also talked about the work the foundation has been doing to combat childhood obesity.